About Us

What We Are

We are believers in confidence, in body love, in expression and in women.  We believe in movement and pretty things.  Through our InTITsive classes, we want to share those ideas, tricks of the stage that can be applied anywhere and be a reviver of excitment, passion and sexy in your life!  You will walk away with some basic burlesque truths, steps and inspiration.

What We Are NOT

This is not a fast track to becoming a burlesque performer.  Art takes work and practice and you can not learn that in the time span these classes are offered.  

I'm in!! Now what?

Our Workshop is a 3 hour class that is an overview of our core lessons focusing on applying burlesque ideals.  For this class, you will need to bring an article of clothing to play with.  It should be an open front garment (think button up shirt, robe, kimono, etc)  You should also bring shoes.  They don't have to be high heel, but they can be.  Flats, kitten heels, yoga shoes, or big ass stillettos, whatever works.  No sneakers.  Wear soft, stretchy clothes.  Leggings, yoga pants, t shirt or tank is perfect.  Its also encouraged to do whatever makes you feel good.  Wear that bright lipstick, fix your hair, wear fun earrings.  It's all allowed and accepted.

If you have other questions, you can email allthethings@saygirl.net